Cleaning Your Electronic Cigarette Is Easy

This article has information that every veteran vaper should know and information that every newbie needs to know. But in either case, it won’t hurt to take a few minutes to review this and either learn or refresh your memory.

How many times have you taken a new atomizer out, filled it with the e-juice of your choice, and the hit wasn’t what you were expecting? Or have you ever switched out the e-juice flavors and got a mixed flavor that wasn’t all that great tasting?

These aren’t good scenarios, but they aren’t the worst thing that could happen and anyone that vape will have experienced both at least once. What they both mean is that your tank needs cleaning. Simple as that. Cleaning your electronic cigarette is a simple task that doesn’t long, which is why a regular cleaning shouldn’t be done and needs to be done. And that is how you’ll keep your tank working your vapor taste top notch.

Keeping the tank clean doesn’t require any fancy cleaning kits, although there are some out there. But all you really need is some alcohol, unscented dish liquid, water, a bowl, and some paper towels. Then follow these steps and you’re guaranteed to get a squeaky-clean atomizer.

  • Step One: Brand new or old – take the tank apart, removing the o-rings and screws.
  • Step Two: Pour the alcohol solution in the bowl and place those parts in it, rinsing them in the solution to make sure all the oils are removed.
  • Step Three: Empty the bowl then add clear, warm water and place the parts back in it. Add some dish liquid to the box and using a toothbrush, mix it all together and let sit for whatever time frame the manufacturer’s instructions advise.
  • Step Four: Using the toothbrush, scrub each part gently, making sure you clean the inner parts too because that is where the air flows over.
  • Step Five: Rinse all the parts well the spread out on a dry paper towel or lint-free cloth and allow to dry.
  • Step Six: And now you can assemble your atomizer, putting all the parts together. Sometimes you’ll need to use a little e-juice to get the o-rings back in. Be sure to install a new coil too!
  • Step Seven: Now it is time to enjoy your electronic cigarette again!

Maintaining Your Battery/Mod

Another simple process that goes a long way in enjoying your electronic cigarette. First thing you need to do is be sure that you drop it! There are delicate parts in your mod that break easily. If your mod has a built-in battery, simply be sure there isn’t any dirt or e-juice on the connectors. You can do this by using a cotton swab and rub over the connectors.

If your box mod has removable batteries, you should check the connections frequently and clean off any dirt, dust, or remanence of e-juice.  Be sure the spring still has spring on the negative connection and there aren’t any burns or corrosion, which would indicate you need to replace it.