Three Things A Smoker Needs To Know About Vaping

Electronic cigarettes have been around for a while now, but it there is still a mystery about them for most people. Studies and surveys tell us that the public hears a lot about electronic cigarettes and vaping, but they really don’t know a lot about it.

And when it comes to smokers, they aren’t much more informed about electronic cigarettes and vaping either. That’s really a disadvantage for them since they would get the most benefit.

We want to share with you three things that a smoker should know about electronic cigarettes and vaping that could clarify some confusion, solve some mysteries, and encourage them to give vaping a try.

One: Electronic cigarettes are safer than standard tobacco cigarettes

Experts tell us that approximately six million people are killed by tobacco every year.  While there are articles out there that tells us, electronic cigarettes can kill and they aren’t any safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes, they science that is based on is often shoddy and unfounded.

A detailed study was performed by Public Health England last year and their finding were that electronic cigarettes are more than 90% safer than the standard tobacco cigarettes. That does not mean that 5% of those who vape are killed by electronic cigarettes either. To date, there has not been any clear evidence that electronic cigarettes kill. What that study tells us is that there is a 5% risk that nicotine is potentially dangerous.

smokers vs vapers lungs

Two: Switching to vaping will save money

Vaping is much less expensive than smoking traditional tobacco. But too many smokers will look at the initial price of the electronic cigarette kit and feel it is too expensive. This mistake is costly!

When you purchase a package of cigarettes, you get to enjoy them one time then toss them. Electronic cigarettes are refillable and will be refillable for many, many smokes. Yes, there is an initial cost for the kit, but it will pay for itself quickly.

Three: Quit or Switch

Traditional tobacco contains thousands of chemicals that boosts the nicotine into you. Because nicotine is highly addictive, quitting is hard. It takes many smokers more than one try to quit and it doesn’t matter what method you use to help. From guy, hypnosis, patches, or just cold turkey, the success rate is less than 10%.

No matter what scientist tell us, the majority of those who smoke do not want to quit – really. Why? Because they enjoy their cigarette. That smoking cessation is difficult to give up, just ask an ex-smoker. The gum and patches do not make it much easier, but electronic cigarettes allow you to keep the motion of smoking, it’s just healthier.

The first electronic cigarettes that were introduced were not as satisfying as a traditional tobacco cigarette. But the technology of vaping has advanced over the years and when an electronic cigarette is set up properly with an excellent quality e-liquid, the smoker finds them very satisfying today.