Are Electronic Cigarettes Doing More Good Or More Harm?

There is absolutely not any tobacco contained in electronic cigarettes. As such, for most of the world, ID is not required to purchase the device, the e-juice, or any of the accessories. Coupled with the smell they put out from the flavored e-juice and the catch advertisements, that is what has created a concern about teens and even younger, trying them. What if they become addicted to electronic cigarettes? Will they graduate to conventional cigarettes?

The Electronic Cigarette versus The Conventional Cigarette

Those that are pro electronic cigarettes will tell you that because there is no tobacco contained in their e-cig, they are healthier than the conventional cigarette. And since the conventional cigarette contains over 4000 chemical compounds and toxins mix with the tobacco in them, it would be hard to argue that point.


It has been proven over and over that many of those compounds and toxins contain cancer causing agents. As such, for a smoker to switch from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes will reduce their chance of being diagnosed with cancer.

Yet still, there hasn’t been enough research and study done on electronic cigarettes to say that there are no possible hazards from them. Experts and health professionals, as well as government regulatory bodies say that what research has been done isn’t enough. There needs to be long-term use studies still to determine what potential perils, if any, there are of electronic cigarettes.

They Are An Aid To Help Stop Smoking

One advantage of electronic cigarettes is that they have proven they can help a smoker stop, or at the very least, cut back. With an electronic cigarette device, a smoker is able to minimize the amount of nicotine they take in with their device until they are nicotine-free. And many that have used this device to quit smoking will tell you that by having an object that gave them the feel of holding and taking a draw from as if it were a conventional cigarette was a great help.

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In Closing

Electronic cigarette’s primary hazards that are known is that there are possible effects on the generations to come. What is apparent to us in clarity is that electronic cigarettes do not have all of the chemicals, contaminants, and toxins that conventional cigarettes contain. That alone should tell us that there are less risks to a smoker’s health, right?

The electronic cigarettes that do not have any level of nicotine do not have any indications of future health effects. Except the possibility of teens that start using electronic cigarettes because they are the “in thing” will advance to using conventional cigarettes over time.

But if electronic cigarettes can be the tool that helps so many quit smoking, which lessens their chances of cancer and other smoke related diseases and illnesses, are they not worthwhile having available? Until the researches and studies show us what the long-term health effects are from electronic cigarettes, we need to keep an open mind.