Buying The Right Sub-Ohm Box Mod

If you’ve never used a sub ohm box mod before, it can be difficult to decide which is the right one for you. There’s so much choice that you can end up really confused, and if you make the wrong decision, you could end up making an expensive mistake. You need to know that you’re investing in a great quality device that’s going to give you great vaping satisfaction and which is going to last a long time. In this guide we’ll help you to find out which is the best vape mod in the UK, and help to point you in the right direction so you can make the right purchase to suit your needs.

What Is A Sub-Ohm Box Mod?

vape modThe earliest box mods were created by innovative vapers who started to modify their devices so they could get better power and a more satisfying experience. They used a wide range of items that they found around their homes including wooden boxes made by hand, and it was these creative inventions that paved the way for today’s modern box mods. Put simply, a box mod is a kind of vape device which, instead of the more traditional cylindrical pen-like shape has a box-like shape instead. Contemporary box mods are complex with circuit boards and screens allowing for innovative functions and better control for a more customised vaping experience for each user.

Why Use A Box Mod?

There are a whole bunch of advantages to using a box mod over a vape pen. Although they are generally a little bigger and may seem less versatile, in fact there are a host of benefits including a longer battery life, more impressive cloud production and greatly improved control so that users can achieve the perfect hit every time. Regulated box mods are also really safe to use with plenty of in-built safety features so vapers can enjoy greater peace of mind.

What Do You Need To Know When Choosing A Sub-Ohm Box Mod

When looking for a sub-ohm box mod, you need, first of all, to ensure it works for sub-ohm vaping. To know for sure, you’ll need to look at the coil resistance which is measured in Ohms – anything below 1 Ohm is sub-ohm compatible. You’ll also need to make sure that the device’s wattage is high enough. You’ll need more than 30 watts of power to be able to sub-ohm vape safely.

You’ll probably also want to choose a sub-ohm box mod which allows you to adjust the temperature, wattage and voltage controls for a thoroughly customised experience. Remember that if you want to produce big clouds, you’ll want a device that offers a higher wattage capability. Battery life is another consideration, and choosing a box mod which allows for changeable batteries or one which allows for super fast or pass-through charging may be an important consideration.

One final consideration is safety. If you want the ultimate in safe vaping experiences without compromising on vapour quality or satisfaction, a regulated box mod is what you’re looking for. Packed with safety features, these handy devices will give you complete confidence.

There are plenty of different sub-ohm box mods on the market in the UK today, and devices such as the SMOK Alien are a great place to start with their innovative approach, yet user-friendliness.


Cleaning Your Electronic Cigarette Is Easy

This article has information that every veteran vaper should know and information that every newbie needs to know. But in either case, it won’t hurt to take a few minutes to review this and either learn or refresh your memory.

How many times have you taken a new atomizer out, filled it with the e-juice of your choice, and the hit wasn’t what you were expecting? Or have you ever switched out the e-juice flavors and got a mixed flavor that wasn’t all that great tasting?

These aren’t good scenarios, but they aren’t the worst thing that could happen and anyone that vape will have experienced both at least once. What they both mean is that your tank needs cleaning. Simple as that. Cleaning your electronic cigarette is a simple task that doesn’t long, which is why a regular cleaning shouldn’t be done and needs to be done. And that is how you’ll keep your tank working your vapor taste top notch.

Keeping the tank clean doesn’t require any fancy cleaning kits, although there are some out there. But all you really need is some alcohol, unscented dish liquid, water, a bowl, and some paper towels. Then follow these steps and you’re guaranteed to get a squeaky-clean atomizer.

  • Step One: Brand new or old – take the tank apart, removing the o-rings and screws.
  • Step Two: Pour the alcohol solution in the bowl and place those parts in it, rinsing them in the solution to make sure all the oils are removed.
  • Step Three: Empty the bowl then add clear, warm water and place the parts back in it. Add some dish liquid to the box and using a toothbrush, mix it all together and let sit for whatever time frame the manufacturer’s instructions advise.
  • Step Four: Using the toothbrush, scrub each part gently, making sure you clean the inner parts too because that is where the air flows over.
  • Step Five: Rinse all the parts well the spread out on a dry paper towel or lint-free cloth and allow to dry.
  • Step Six: And now you can assemble your atomizer, putting all the parts together. Sometimes you’ll need to use a little e-juice to get the o-rings back in. Be sure to install a new coil too!
  • Step Seven: Now it is time to enjoy your electronic cigarette again!

Maintaining Your Battery/Mod

Another simple process that goes a long way in enjoying your electronic cigarette. First thing you need to do is be sure that you drop it! There are delicate parts in your mod that break easily. If your mod has a built-in battery, simply be sure there isn’t any dirt or e-juice on the connectors. You can do this by using a cotton swab and rub over the connectors.

If your box mod has removable batteries, you should check the connections frequently and clean off any dirt, dust, or remanence of e-juice.  Be sure the spring still has spring on the negative connection and there aren’t any burns or corrosion, which would indicate you need to replace it.

Three Things A Smoker Needs To Know About Vaping

Electronic cigarettes have been around for a while now, but it there is still a mystery about them for most people. Studies and surveys tell us that the public hears a lot about electronic cigarettes and vaping, but they really don’t know a lot about it.

And when it comes to smokers, they aren’t much more informed about electronic cigarettes and vaping either. That’s really a disadvantage for them since they would get the most benefit.

We want to share with you three things that a smoker should know about electronic cigarettes and vaping that could clarify some confusion, solve some mysteries, and encourage them to give vaping a try.

One: Electronic cigarettes are safer than standard tobacco cigarettes

Experts tell us that approximately six million people are killed by tobacco every year.  While there are articles out there that tells us, electronic cigarettes can kill and they aren’t any safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes, they science that is based on is often shoddy and unfounded.

A detailed study was performed by Public Health England last year and their finding were that electronic cigarettes are more than 90% safer than the standard tobacco cigarettes. That does not mean that 5% of those who vape are killed by electronic cigarettes either. To date, there has not been any clear evidence that electronic cigarettes kill. What that study tells us is that there is a 5% risk that nicotine is potentially dangerous.

smokers vs vapers lungs

Two: Switching to vaping will save money

Vaping is much less expensive than smoking traditional tobacco. But too many smokers will look at the initial price of the electronic cigarette kit and feel it is too expensive. This mistake is costly!

When you purchase a package of cigarettes, you get to enjoy them one time then toss them. Electronic cigarettes are refillable and will be refillable for many, many smokes. Yes, there is an initial cost for the kit, but it will pay for itself quickly.

Three: Quit or Switch

Traditional tobacco contains thousands of chemicals that boosts the nicotine into you. Because nicotine is highly addictive, quitting is hard. It takes many smokers more than one try to quit and it doesn’t matter what method you use to help. From guy, hypnosis, patches, or just cold turkey, the success rate is less than 10%.

No matter what scientist tell us, the majority of those who smoke do not want to quit – really. Why? Because they enjoy their cigarette. That smoking cessation is difficult to give up, just ask an ex-smoker. The gum and patches do not make it much easier, but electronic cigarettes allow you to keep the motion of smoking, it’s just healthier.

The first electronic cigarettes that were introduced were not as satisfying as a traditional tobacco cigarette. But the technology of vaping has advanced over the years and when an electronic cigarette is set up properly with an excellent quality e-liquid, the smoker finds them very satisfying today.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Doing More Good Or More Harm?

There is absolutely not any tobacco contained in electronic cigarettes. As such, for most of the world, ID is not required to purchase the device, the e-juice, or any of the accessories. Coupled with the smell they put out from the flavored e-juice and the catch advertisements, that is what has created a concern about teens and even younger, trying them. What if they become addicted to electronic cigarettes? Will they graduate to conventional cigarettes?

The Electronic Cigarette versus The Conventional Cigarette

Those that are pro electronic cigarettes will tell you that because there is no tobacco contained in their e-cig, they are healthier than the conventional cigarette. And since the conventional cigarette contains over 4000 chemical compounds and toxins mix with the tobacco in them, it would be hard to argue that point.


It has been proven over and over that many of those compounds and toxins contain cancer causing agents. As such, for a smoker to switch from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes will reduce their chance of being diagnosed with cancer.

Yet still, there hasn’t been enough research and study done on electronic cigarettes to say that there are no possible hazards from them. Experts and health professionals, as well as government regulatory bodies say that what research has been done isn’t enough. There needs to be long-term use studies still to determine what potential perils, if any, there are of electronic cigarettes.

They Are An Aid To Help Stop Smoking

One advantage of electronic cigarettes is that they have proven they can help a smoker stop, or at the very least, cut back. With an electronic cigarette device, a smoker is able to minimize the amount of nicotine they take in with their device until they are nicotine-free. And many that have used this device to quit smoking will tell you that by having an object that gave them the feel of holding and taking a draw from as if it were a conventional cigarette was a great help.

e cig

In Closing

Electronic cigarette’s primary hazards that are known is that there are possible effects on the generations to come. What is apparent to us in clarity is that electronic cigarettes do not have all of the chemicals, contaminants, and toxins that conventional cigarettes contain. That alone should tell us that there are less risks to a smoker’s health, right?

The electronic cigarettes that do not have any level of nicotine do not have any indications of future health effects. Except the possibility of teens that start using electronic cigarettes because they are the “in thing” will advance to using conventional cigarettes over time.

But if electronic cigarettes can be the tool that helps so many quit smoking, which lessens their chances of cancer and other smoke related diseases and illnesses, are they not worthwhile having available? Until the researches and studies show us what the long-term health effects are from electronic cigarettes, we need to keep an open mind.

Electronic Cigarette: Vapoter is less harmful to health than tobacco

The e-cigarette, a friend who wants you good? In a study * published this week in the medical journal  Annals of Internal Medicine , British researchers have just shown that the electronic cigarette was less toxic than the conventional fuel cigarette, bringing a stone to the building of those who advocate the use of this device to accompany smokers to stop smoking.

Decreased levels of toxic and carcinogenic substances

Here, the researchers conducted a study not in the laboratory, but on real smokers. “This is the first time that we have a study conducted in real conditions, with real smokers,” says Pr Bertrand Dautzenberg, pulmonologist at Pitié-Salpêtrière and author of the book  The pleasure of quitting smoking ( First ed). Scientists at the University College of London’s Department of Epidemiology and Public Health have identified a “significant” decrease in the concentration of toxic and carcinogenic products in smokers who have been releasing tobacco for e-cigarettes for six months. their organism, relative to the concentrations found in smokers.

The researchers noted that the level of nitrosamines, carcinogens involved in lung cancer, is reduced by 97% in exclusive vapers compared to “combustible” cigarette smokers. “This confirms that the e-cigarette is much cleaner than the conventional cigarette in terms of toxic,” says Professor Ivan Berlin, university lecturer and hospital practitioner in the department of pharmacology at Pitié Salpêtrière. For his colleague Professor Dautzenberg, “it helps to sweep away these unfounded beliefs that the electronic cigarette would be harmful  .”

To achieve these results, they searched for the presence of the main toxic substances of tobacco in students urine and saliva samples of the 181 smokers participating in the study. They were divided into five equal groups: conventional cigarette smokers, those who smoke while using nicotine substitutes (patches, chewing gums), those who combine conventional and electronic cigarettes, those who no longer smoke and use only nicotine substitutes and finally, exclusive vapers.

Accompanying smoking cessation

As part of their study, British researchers have also shown that the electronic cigarette delivers a level of nicotine equivalent to that of the conventional cigarette. They also noted that the rates of toxic and carcinogenic substances found among smokers combining tobacco and electronic cigarettes are similar to those found among exclusive smokers of tobacco . “This shows that the dual use of electronic cigarettes and tobacco has no toxic interest,” says Professor Dautzenberg. But this combination can, however, have positive effects if it allows the smoker to be accompanied on the way to stopping smoking.

But to date, while some tobacco and addictologists do not contraindicate the use of the electronic cigarette to their patients, they can not recommend it as well as nicotine substitutes. “In the absence of a study reporting evidence of the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette in stopping smoking, this device can not be considered as a medicine that health professionals prescribe therapeutically to their patients who wish to stop smoking, confirms Professor Ivan Berlin. We also lack data on the effect of the electronic cigarette on the very long term on the cardiovascular health of smokersin particular, even if it is very likely that, in this field as well, the risks of the e-cigarette are much lower than the conventional cigarette “.

Electronic cigarettes as risky as nicotine gums and patches

Good news for the vapers: according to a study published this Tuesday and conducted by American and British researchers, the electronic cigarette would be as risky as gums or nicotine patches. On the other hand, for those who alternate steam and smoke, the risks related to tobacco remain the same.